Tanzania safari accommodations
Tanzania safari accommodations

Let’s provide some descriptions of Tanzania safari accommodations along with the websites for a better understanding of these lodges, mobile camps, and luxury tented camps in Tanzania’s national parks and conservation areas:


Serengeti Serena Safari Lodge (Serengeti National Park): Nestled in the heart of the Serengeti, this lodge offers classic safari elegance. It provides comfortable accommodations with stunning views of the endless plains. Guests can enjoy game drives and relax by the pool. Website: serenahotels.com/serenaserengeti/default-en.html

Ngorongoro Serena Safari Lodge (Ngorongoro Conservation Area): Perched on the crater rim, this lodge offers unparalleled views of the Ngorongoro Crater. Its design reflects a blend of African and colonial influences. Guests can explore the crater and enjoy cultural performances. Website: serenahotels.com/ngorongoroserenalodge/default-en.html

Tarangire Sopa Lodge (Tarangire National Park): Set in a picturesque location, this lodge provides a tranquil retreat in Tarangire. Comfortable rooms, a swimming pool, and proximity to wildlife make it an ideal choice for a safari experience. Website: sopalodges.com/tarangire_sopa.aspx

Mobile Camps:

Asilia Africa’s Dunia Camp (Serengeti National Park): Experience the thrill of the Great Migration with this mobile camp. It follows the herds, providing an intimate safari experience at the heart of the action. Tented accommodations offer comfort amid the wilderness. Website: asiliaafrica.com/properties/dunia-camp/

Nomad Tanzania’s Serengeti Safari Camp (Serengeti National Park): This seasonal camp offers a traditional safari experience. Its mobility allows for flexibility in tracking wildlife migrations, ensuring an authentic safari adventure. Website: nomad-tanzania.com/camps/serengeti-safari-camp

Luxury Tented Camps:

Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti (Serengeti National Park): Discover luxury in the wilderness at this elegant tented camp. Experience a blend of modern comfort and safari adventure, with spacious tented accommodations, fine dining, and a pool overlooking the plains. Website: fourseasons.com/serengeti

Tarangire Treetops (Tarangire National Park): Set among the trees, this unique luxury camp offers a high-end safari experience. Stay in lavish treehouses with panoramic views and enjoy guided game drives, bush walks, and cultural interactions. Website: elewanacollection.com/tarangire-treetops

Singita Mara River Tented Camp (Serengeti National Park): Experience exclusivity and luxury at this camp overlooking the Mara River. Known for its river crossings during the Great Migration, it offers an intimate safari experience with spacious tents, fine dining, and thrilling game viewing. Website: singita.com/lodge/singita-mara-river-tented-camp/

These descriptions provide a glimpse into the unique features and experiences offered by each lodge, mobile camp, and luxury tented camp. Whether you’re seeking traditional safari adventures, intimate wildlife encounters, or luxurious comfort in the wilderness, Tanzania’s national parks and conservation areas offer a variety of accommodations to suit your preferences. Visit the respective websites for more details and to plan your safari getaway. These are Tanzania safari accommodations

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